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At the Domaine du Bourrian, we only produce organic wine. There are two main processes involved in its creation: in the vineyard where the grapes are grown, and in the winery where the next stages take place, such as fermentation and bottling. The vines are grown and cultivated without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals. Of course, farmers still need to control the spread of weeds and keep potentially harmful pests at bay, but on a vineyard adopting organic practices, it is done in a way which is at harmony with nature, rather than the contrary. This can be achieved by promoting insects which are natural enemies of the problematic pest instead of using chemicals to ward them off. Harmful herbicides are also avoided, and natural solutions used in their place. These measures allow the vineyard to naturally becomes its own self-sufficient ecosystem that does not rely on toxic pesticides. As such, the environment benefits from these kinder agricultural methods.


As well as producing grapes in a less abrasive way, organic farming also requires a more hands-on approach. The making of the wine, therefore, is kinder to the society in which it is produced, in addition to the environment which nurtures it. The delicious end-product also contain fewer sulphites than its non-organic equivalent, the benefits of which can undeniably be tasted and enjoyed by the consumer!

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