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Domaine du Bourrian is the oldest of nine wineries in the commune of Gassin on the peninsula of Saint-Tropez. Sunlight fills this region, and the sea breeze refreshes this beautiful place for winemaking.

The first references to Bourrian were found in the Saint-Victor de Marseille Abbey, dating from 1055. The Bourrian lands for centuries belonged to a family of French aristocrats. 1871 is considered to be the year of Domaine du Bourrian.

But in the middle of the 19th century, the history of these lands became miraculously intertwined with Russia’s. 


One of the owners - Karl Martin was appointed to the post of consul of France in the Crimea, and for a long time he lived with his family in Evpatoria.

In 1932, the estate passed into the possession of the Chapelle family.  At this time in the main building of the winery, huge wooden barrels of

Caucasian oak were used, carefully preserved until now. 


One of the owners of the estate, René-Jean Chapelle has fond memories of the Russian people whom he met during his youth in Nice, and of their culture. When selling his estate from several applicants, he chose buyers from Russia.

Domaine du Bourrian was acquired by the new owners in March 2014.

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